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We'll install a fast and reliable ATM machine in your business, free of charge.
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Why Choose Neighborhood ATM?

The Best ATM Machines 

We only install ATM's that are the highest quality, with the proven reliability you'll need to efficiently run your business.

Locally Owned

We take pride working in beautiful Rancho Cucamonga California and the surrounding 15 mile radius. You can look forward to a level of service and personal attention you won’t find anywhere else. We are committed to customer satisfaction.

Free Installations

We will place an ATM in your business free of charge. Contact us for all of the details.

Knowledgeable Technicians

We only employ technicians who can reliably install and service your ATM.
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Benefits of Having an ATM on Your Premises

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Lower or eliminate merchant fees: Lower your costly card processing fees and increase your cash transactions by having a cash machine on site.

Increased foot traffic: An ATM machine on your premises can attract customers who need to withdraw cash, potentially increasing foot traffic to your business.

Customer convenience: Providing an ATM machine can be a convenience for your customers, as they won't have to leave your premises to find a cash machine.

Increased sales: Customers who have access to cash may be more likely to make additional purchases from your business.

Cost savings: If your business currently accepts checks, providing an ATM machine can reduce the need for check handling and processing, potentially saving you money.

Reduced dependence on credit card processing: An ATM machine can provide an alternative payment method for customers who don't have credit cards or prefer not to use them.

Potential revenue source: Depending on the terms of your ATM machine agreement, you may be able to generate revenue from the machine by charging fees for its use.

Improved customer satisfaction: By providing an ATM machine, you can improve the overall customer experience and increase customer satisfaction.
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Your Customer's Benefits

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Convenience: Your ATM is available right there, at your business, making it easy for people to access cash when they need it.

Fast transactions: ATMs allow your customers to quickly withdraw cash and complete other transactions, such as balance inquiries and account transfers.

No need for bank visits: With an ATM, your customers don't have to visit a bank branch to access cash.

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Customer Reviews
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“Amazing service and friendly, knowledgeable staff. I highly recommend Neighborhood ATM to any business in the area."
— Chris P.
“I experienced excellent customer service from Neighborhood ATM. They really go above and beyond to make sure the ATM is well-stocked and running properly”
— Anneka W.
“Neighborhood ATM helps me maintain good cash flow going into my business. Thanks!”
— Julio R.

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